Use cases

Last updated:2020-12-02 17:27:46

KRDS for MySQL use cases

Case 1: Company A uses a KRDS for MySQL instance that contains one master instance and multiple replica instances. KRDS for MySQL helps company A ensure the business stability during peak hours. In addition, the remote disaster recovery feature of KRDS for MySQL satisfies company A’s requirements on the high availability of data and services, allowing the company to worry less.

Case 2: Company B, the provider of a popular mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game, uses KRDS for MySQL that stores all data on PCIe SSDs to obtain powerful database I/O performance. KRDS for MySQL helps company B handle the frequent data access required by MOBA games. In addition, the high data security and flexible restoration features of KRDS for MySQL provide stable data support for game operation.

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