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What is Kingsoft Cloud Relational Database Service?

Last updated:2020-12-02 17:27:44

KRDS overview

Kingsoft Cloud Relational Database Service (KRDS) is a stable, reliable, and scalable relational database service that you can use out of the box. KRDS has multiple security protection measures and a comprehensive performance monitoring system. KRDS provides professional database backup, restoration, and optimization plans. With KRDS, you can focus on application development and business growth.

KRDS instances are deployed on high-performance physical machines that employ advanced virtualization technology. KRDS adopts the active/standby mechanism to ensure high database availability. You can conveniently upgrade your instances online for more storage or better performance to suit your business needs. KRDS backs up your databases automatically every day to protect your data from loss or accidental deletion.

You can also monitor the status and various metrics of your instances at any time and specify alarm thresholds based on your business needs. When your database service encounters an error, Kingsoft Cloud informs you immediately, allowing you to handle the error in a timely manner.

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