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GEPC instances support monitoring metrics for the Linux and Windows operating systems. For more information about the supported metrics, see Product Metrics.

View metrics

You can view metrics for a GEPC instance in the EPC console.


  1. Log in to the EPC console. The instance page appears by default.

  2. In the instance list, select the target GEPC instance. The details panel of the instance appears below the instance list. On this panel, you can view the data about the instance. The panel consists of multiple tabs such as Details, Traffic Statistics, Cloud Monitor, Inbound Rules, Outbound Rules, and Hardware Monitoring.

    If you have enabled the cloud monitoring feature when you create the GEPC instance, you can click the Cloud Monitor tab to view the following monitoring data for the last 30 days: CPU utilization, disk read/write bandwidth, memory utilization, memory usage, GPU utilization, GPU temperature, and available GPU VRAM.

Manually enable cloud monitoring

If you have not enabled the cloud monitoring feature when you create a GEPC instance, you can manually install the Kingsoft Cloud Monitor Service (KCM) agent on the instance to enable monitoring.

For more information, see Agent installation for EPC.

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