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Product FAQs

Last updated:2021-06-15 11:12:18

Q: What are the advantages of GPU over CPU?

A: GPU has more Arithmetic Logic Units (ALUs), supports parallel computing, and can perform multithreaded massively parallel computing.

Q: What are the billing modes for a GEPC instance?

A: Currently, the Subscription and Pay-By-Daily-Config billing modes are supported. You can pay an upfront fee for an GEPC instance to use the instance for one month or several months. You can also use the GEPC instance first and then pay the usage of the instance by one day or several days.

Q: Does a GEPC instance support configuration upgrade and downgrade?

A: No. The configuration for a GEPC instance is fixed. It cannot be upgraded or downgraded.

Q: Can a GEPC instance access KEC or EPC instances?

A: Yes. A GEPC instance is added to a VPC by default and can communicate with KEC and EPC instances in the VPC.

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