Pay-By-Daily-Config (Free Tier)

Last updated:2020-12-02 17:27:45

Pay-By-Daily-Config (Free Tier)

Introduction: KRDS supports free trial with the Pay-By-Daily-Config billing mode. Enter the days of your usage. The number of days must be an integer. Kingsoft Cloud does not impose an upper limit for the trial period. You can trial use KRDS as long as your trial quotas are sufficient. The bill is calculated based on daily usage and deducted from your trial quotas. When you purchase an instance in Pay-By-Daily-Config (Free Tier) mode, the system checks whether you have sufficient trial quotas. If the purchase fails, your trial quotas are not deducted.

Type Pay-By-Daily-Config (Free Tier)
Billing unit CNY/day (Usage of less than a day is counted as a day.)
Scenario Short-term business validation or testing, or temporary business scaling
Configuration upgrade Supported
Bandwidth upgrade Supported
Release at any time Supported
Upgrade to Standard Edition Supported

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