Last updated:2020-06-03 14:20:40

Attack type Description
Webshell A command execution environment in the form of web files such as ASP, PHP, JSP, and CGI files. It can also be called a website backdoor. After an attacker intrudes a website, the attacker mixes the backdoor file with the normal web files in the web directory of the website server and uses a browser to access the backdoor. The attacker then obtains a command execution environment to control the web server.
Brute-force attack Attackers use automated tools to obtain passwords of user accounts by using the enumeration method.
XSS attack Attackers insert malicious script code in web pages. When a user browses such a web page, the embedded script code will be executed, causing attacks to the user.
SQL injection attack SQL injection is the placement of malicious code in SQL statements by web page input.
CC attack An attacker uses a proxy server to frequently send disguised requests to the target web server, causing the server unable to process normal access requests.

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