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Features and benefits

Last updated:2020-06-03 14:20:40

Product features

  • Login permission detection: Detects server and database logins, and supports weak password detection and remote login alerts.
  • Backdoor attack detection: Detects local webshell attacks and viruses on servers.
  • System patch upgrade: Detects high-risk vulnerabilities in servers, and automatically upgrades patches.
  • Brute-force attack defense: Effectively defends against RDP and FTP brute-force attacks, and supports custom protection configuration.
  • Website threat detection: Provides real-time detection of SQL injection and XSS attacks, proactively blocks webshell uploads, and defends against CC attacks.
  • Supported operating systems: Windows and Linux.
Category Sub-category Security protection feature
Login permissions System weak password Detect whether the system has a weak password.
Database weak password Detect whether the database has a weak password. Currently, MySQL is supported.
Database permissions Detect whether a system account is used to log in to a database to avoid risks caused by excessive permissions. Currently, MySQL is supported.
Backdoor attack detection Webshell Detect whether the system has a webshell.
Viruses Detect whether the server has viruses.
System patch Windows system patch Detect whether a Windows server has a high-risk vulnerability, and fix a vulnerability once it is discovered.
Brute-force attack FTP brute-force attack Protect cloud servers against FTP brute-force attacks.
RDP brute-force attack Protect cloud servers against RDP brute-force attacks.
Website security Application vulnerability Use the proactive defense engine to detect SQL injection and XSS attacks in real time.
Webshell upload Proactively block webshell uploads.
CC attack Use a unique anti-attack algorithm to effectively defend against CC attacks and various traffic attacks. Currently, Windows is supported.

Product benefits

  • Proactive defense: The proactive defense engine defends against various script attacks in real time.
  • Multi-engine antivirus: Based on years of antivirus expertise of Kingsoft and other mainstream antivirus software vendors, KHS can accurately defend aginst various kinds of web Trojans and mainstream viruses.
  • Resource saving: The KHS and agent collaboration architecture minimizes the use of host resources.
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