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Main features

Last updated:2020-11-26 20:12:37

This topic briefly describes the main features of Kingsoft Cloud Live Service (KLS). For more information, see the corresponding topics.

  • Stream pushing

KLS supports multiple modes to authenticate push streams. KLS allows you to push streams over Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP) and pull streams from the Internet over multiple protocols. You can push streams from PCs, mobile phones, capture devices, and smart terminals.

  • Video stream management

KLS supports live streaming space management. You can query the information and status of real-time streams and historical streams. You can also block a stream by adding it to the blacklist.

  • Live screenshots and recording

You can record live streams and capture screenshots in real time. The recorded videos are stored in Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3) and are available on demand.

  • Real-time transcoding

KLS supports real-time transcoding of live streams between multiple bitrates and resolutions ranging from standard definition to high definition. You can add watermarks to original videos and content of different bitrates and resolutions. Audio and video data can be transcoded independently.

  • Content security

KLS intelligently detects illegal content such as pornographic, violent, and terrorism-related content that is broadcast during live streaming. When such content is detected in live streams, KLS automatically sends alerts and allows you to block the streams with one click.

  • Live stream distribution and playback

KLS allows you to configure URL whitelists and blacklists and enable anti-leeching. KLS provides multiple business-oriented modes to authenticate playback requests. KLS supports the playback of streams over RTMP, Flash Video (FLV), and HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).

  • Console

The KLS console allows you to manage the global settings for your live streaming space, query and monitor the status of live streams, and collect statistics about the uplink and downlink bandwidth, traffic, and online viewers.

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