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Quota limits

Last updated:2020-06-17 14:36:35

If you need more resources, contact Kingsoft Cloud Customer Service.

DNS quota

Item Quantity limit
Domain names under each account 5
Domain name records under each domain name 1,000

SLB quota

Item Quantity limit
SLB instances in each region 10
Listeners of each SLB instance 50
Servers attached to each listerner 100


Item Quantity limit
EIPs in each region 10

VPC quota

Item Quantity limit
VPCs in each region 5
Default VPCs in each region 1
Subnets in each VPC 100
Endpoint subnets in each VPC 1
Security groups in each VPC 180
ACLs in each VPC 50
Inbound rules in each security group 200
Outbound rules in each security group 200
Inbound rules in each ACL 200
Outbound rules in each ACL 200
NAT instances in each VPC 10
IP addresses that can be added to each NAT instance 1
Routes in each VPC 200
Peering connections in each VPC 50
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