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Create an SNAT rule to access the Internet

Last updated:2021-10-11 17:58:53

Kingsoft Cloud Network Address Translation (NAT) provides the source network address translation (SNAT) feature. If you deploy Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) instances that do not have public IP addresses and a NAT instance in the same virtual private cloud (VPC), the SNAT feature enables the NAT instance to serve as a proxy for these KEC instances to access the Internet.

Create an SNAT rule

  1. Go to the NAT page in the VPC console.
  2. On the NAT page, click the name of the target NAT instance to go to its details page.
  3. On the SNAT tab, click Bind.
    • Specify a subnet: KEC instances in the specified subnet use the specified public IP address to access the Internet.
    • Specify a KEC instance: The specified KEC instance uses the specified public IP address to access the Internet.

Delete an SNAT rule

  1. On the SNAT tab, find the target rule that you want to delete and click Delete in its Operation column.
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