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You can define network configurations, network division, IP address ranges, and routing policies on demand, and deploy KEC instances as needed to meet requirements of various application scenarios. The software-defined networking method can help you reduce device and O&M costs.

Security isolation

VXLAN-based VPC isolation separates resources of different tenants so that the tenants do not affect each other. ACLs and security groups are used to implement access control over subnets and servers, and the access control can be accurate to protocol- and port-level granularity, meeting your network security requirements in an all-round manner.

High-performance Internet access

NAT, EIP, and SLB help you break the bottlenecks of network performance. NAT provides up to 15 Gbit/s bandwidth and multi-node hot standby.


Through the Peering service, you can interconnect cloud resources deployed in multiple places within one minute, and implement geo-redundancy. In addition, through cross-account peering connections, you can also realize data communication with other partners on Kingsoft Cloud and establish an open cloud ecosystem.

Easy deployment of a hybrid cloud

Stable and reliable IPsec VPN or Direct Connect can be used to connect a VPC to your data center. You can flexibly scale cloud resources such as KEC instances based on your business needs, and can directly connect physical machines to the VPC. The hybrid cloud mode helps you reduce the cost of IT O&M while ensuring the security of your mission-critical data.

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