Define access control rules

Last updated:2020-06-01 15:42:38

Define rules to accurately control HTTP requests and prevent access those non-compliant with RFC or user-defined rules.

To define an access control rule:

  1. On the WAF instance list, select the target WAF instance.

  2. On the lower part of the page, select a domain name and choose More > Access Control above the list.

  3. Click Add Rule and configure the rule type and corresponding action.

    Supported rule types include:

    • ip: Specifies an IP address range or segment to be added to the blacklist or whitelist.
    • ua: Specifies a regular expression for matching, such as curl|Mozilla/5.0|Firefox.
    • referer: Specifies a regular expression for matching.
    • path: Typically used to match URIs by specifying a collection of keywords in AND relationship. A path that matches any specified keyword matches the rule. The rule type does not support regular expressions.
  4. Click OK in the Operation column.

  5. Repeat the previous steps to add more rules for the domain name.

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