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Enable WAF

Last updated:2020-05-26 13:59:27

To enable WAF:

  1. Log in to the WAF console.
  2. Click Create above the instance list.
  3. On the Create WAF page, configure the instance parameters, including:
    • Instance Type: Select Cloud WAF or SLB_WAF. By default, SLB_WAF is selected.
    • Data Center: Select a data center.
    • Edition: Select the WAF edition, Advanced or Enterprise.
    • Domain Package: Set the number of domain packages. The default setting is 1, which indicates the basic package. You can increase the number to purchase domain expansion packages for better protection.
    • Bandwidth: Set the extra business bandwidth for the instance. This parameter appears only when Cloud WAF is selected.
    • WAF Instance: Enter the instance name. If you leave the field blank, ksc_waf is used.
    • Associated Project: Select the project to assign the instance to. If you do not select a project, the instance is assigned to the Default Project.
    • Select VPC: Select a VPC to bind the instance. You can then add the back-end servers on the selected VPC to the instance for protection. This parameter appears only when SLB_WAF is selected.
    • Billing Mode: Select the billing mode, Monthly or Daily Settlement.
    • Purchase Period: Set the period to purchase the instance, in months. This parameter appears only when the Monthly settlement is selected.
  4. For the SLB_WAF instance, bind an EIP to it:

    a. Click Next.
    b. Select an EIP from the Available EIPs list. The list is automatically filtered by the data center you selected in the previous step.

    If there is no EIP available, use either method:

    • Click Buy New EIP to purchase one, and then select it on the Available EIPs list.
    • Select Do Not Bind EIP, and purchase and bind an EIP to the instance later.

    Note: The SLB_WAF instance cannot work correctly when it is not bound with an EIP.

  5. Click Buy Now and submit the order.
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