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View WAF protection data

Last updated:2020-06-01 15:42:38

View summarized data and attack logs

From the WAF console, you can view summarized information of all WAF instances in your account, including:

  • Attacks Today: The data of attack types from 00:00 to the current time.

  • Attacks in 7 days: The data of attack types in the most recent seven days.

  • URLs attacked in 7 days: The URLs sorted by the number of attacks for the protected website in the most recent seven days.

To view attack logs for a specific domain name:

  1. On the instance list, select the target WAF instance.
  2. On the lower part of the page, select a domain name and choose More > Attack Log above the list.
  3. View attack logs for the domain name in the most recent seven days.

View WAF monitoring data

To view the real-time monitoring data for WAF:

  1. On the upper-left corner of the console, choose Services and Products > Monitor and Management > Cloud Monitor,
  2. In the left navigation pane, choose Products > WAF.
  3. On the instance list, click Graph in the Operation column for the target WAF instance.
  4. View the real-time monitoring data, including request QPS, inbound and outbound bandwidth, request status QPS, and CC protection data.
  5. Filter data by instance or domain name as needed.
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