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Instance types and editions

Last updated:2020-06-04 10:19:20

WAF provides common Web protection against OWASP threats to guarantee the safety of user websites.

Instance types

WAF provides the following instance types: SLB_WAF and Cloud WAF. Different instance types vary in application scenarios and billing mode.


  • This instance type applies to scenarios that the origin server is located in a data center of Kingsoft Cloud. It supports EIP unbinding by one-click and provides back-to-origin on the private network for HTTP and HTTPS requests by using HTTP only. The default port is 80.
  • SLB_WAF must be bound to VPC. Back-to-origin takes effect only on backend servers on the same VPC. Although both private IPs and EIPs are supported, private IPs are recommended, because expired or deleted EIPs will be deleted from SLB_WAF back-to-origin records.

Cloud WAF

  • This instance type does not require the origin server to be located on Kingsoft Cloud and can protect origin servers of any public networks. Back-to-origin for HTTPS requests is performed through HTTPS by default.
  • EIP unbinding by one-click is not supported.
  • Bandwidth that exceeds the free service quota will be charged.

Editions and specifications

Specifications Advanced Edition Enterprise Edition
EIP unbinding by one-click; used as SLB SLB_WAF Only SLB_WAF Only
Basic Web application attack protection with comprehensive OWASP threat detection, including SQL injection, XSS, webshell uploading, file-inclusion vulnerabilities, and command-injection. Supported Supported
Protection for sensitive document downloading, preventing malicious attempts to download sensitive documents of the website (such as Git, SVN, configuration, and database data). Surported Surported
Accurate access control of common HTTP field, preventing noncompliant (to RFC or user defined) HTTP/HTTPS requests. Supported Supported
Shielding of SqlMap and other common scanning tools. Supported Supported
Web vulnerability rules are synchronized with the most recent rules on the cloud; virtual patching for zero-day vulnerabilities. Supported Supported
Turning on or off domain protection by one-click. Supported Supported
Multi-protocol support, including HTTP, HTTP 2.0, and HTTPS. - Supported
Customization of human-machine recognition algorithms to dynamically add illegitimate IPs to the blacklist. - Supported
Business risk control by various human-machine recognition algorithms, preventing ticket scalping, click farming, and malicious registration. - Supported
CC access frequency customized for a single URI-based IP or user - Supported
Location-based access control; one-click to block all overseas access requests based on locations - Supported
Free domain name package (Each package supports 10 bound domain names and only one of them is the top-level domain. Wildcard domains are supported.) One package One package
Peak rate of normal service requests 2000 QPS 5000 QPS
Free service bandwidth 10 Mbps
(Cloud WAF only)
30 Mbps
(Cloud WAF only)
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