Last updated:2020-06-01 09:21:45

Basic Web application protection

  • WAF defends against common OWASP threats including SQL injection, XSS, webshell uploading, backdoors, command-injection, malicious HTTP requests, common Web server vulnerabilities, unauthorized access to sensitive files, directory-traversal, and vulnerability exploits.
  • Regular and prompt zero-day patching: Protection rules and patches are promptly released globally to provide website protection.

Accurate access control

  • WAF has a user-friendly console and supports accurate access control based on common HTTP fields including IP, Path, Referer, and User-Agent.
  • WAF provides multi-level comprehensive protection by combining Web attack protection and CC attack protection and easily identifies reliable or malicious data flows as needed.

CC attack protection

  • Access frequency control for single origin IP, redirect validation and human-machine recognition.
  • Access frequency based on “URL+cookie”, redirect validation and human-machine recognition.

Advanced Web attack protection

Location-based IP blocking: One-click to block all access requests from 247 countries and regions of the world to specific provinces of Mainland China.

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