Connect to NAT through VPN Connections

Last updated:2021-10-11 17:58:53


An on-premises data center of a customer connects to the Kingsoft Cloud NAT service through VPN Connections and then can access the Internet through NAT IP addresses.


Connect to NAT

  1. Create a route on the on-premises data center side. The destination of the route is a VPC CIDR block (such as and the next hop is a VPN tunnel.
  2. Log in to the VPN Connections console.
  3. In the left navigation pane, click VPN Tunnel.
  4. Select the target VPN tunnel.
  5. In the lower pane that appears, click Extra CIDR Block and then click Edit to add the VPC CIDR block.
  6. Click Available NAT, and then click Bind NAT to add the NAT instance that needs to be bound.

Disconnect from NAT

  1. Select the target VPN tunnel.
  2. In the lower pane that appears, click Available NAT.
  3. Select the target NAT instance and then click Unbind.

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