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Limits on VoD transcoding

Last updated:2020-11-26 20:51:36

Item Limit Exception
Test quota After KMCT is activated, you can create 10 concurrent VoD transcoding test tasks by default. You can create up to 50 concurrent test tasks. Submit a ticket to raise the limit.
Traffic limit A single user can submit at most 100 tasks per second.
A single user can submit at most 100 task queries per second.
No exception is allowed.
API requests Connection timeout: 10s
Read timeout: 10s
Maximum API requests per minute: 500
Submit a ticket to raise the limit.
Error log Error logs are kept for 30 days. No exception is allowed.
Timeliness VoD requests are characterized by unpredictability. It often happens that many requests are waiting to be executed at the same time. Timeliness is not guaranteed. If the overall business volume is large, you can contact the technical support to increase the concurrency. No exception is allowed.
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