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Last updated:2020-11-26 15:53:15

Authorize KMCT to access your KS3 bucket

KMCT needs to read files in your Kingsoft Standard Storage Service (KS3) bucket and store transcoded files to your bucket. By default, KMCT is not authorized to read data from or write data to your bucket. To authorize KMCT to access your bucket, perform the following steps:

  1. Log in to the KS3 console, go to the details page of a bucket, and click the Bucket Settings tab.
  1. Click the Bucket Policy tab, and click Add Policy.
  1. In the Policy Statement dialog box, set Effect to Allow.
  1. Select all actions.

KMCT does not delete files in your bucket. When you call the transcoding API to create a transcoding task, you need to specify a path for the output file. If a file already exists in this path, the output file of the transcoding task will overwrite the existing file.

  1. Set Resource to the name of the current bucket in the format of bucket_name/** or bucket_name/key_name. Set Principal to 73402340, which is the ID of the KMCT service. Do not enter your user ID here. In this way, the KMCT service is granted the permission to access your bucket and can execute the 14 actions specified in Action.
  1. After you set the parameters, click OK to complete the configuration.

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