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When you use Kingsoft Cloud Peering, local peering is free of charge, and cross-region peering supports subscription mode with tiered charging. Cross-region peering is available only in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. The following table describes the pricing for creating a peering connection between two virtual private clouds (VPCs) that are located in Beijing and Shanghai.

Region Bandwidth Price Unit
Beijing - Shanghai 1-10 Mbit/s 480 RMB/Month/Mbit/s
10-20 Mbit/s 240 RMB/Month/Mbit/s
20-50 Mbit/s 180 RMB/Month/Mbit/s
50-100 Mbit/s 132 RMB/Month/Mbit/s
100-200 Mbit/s 99 RMB/Month/Mbit/s
200-500 Mbit/s 72 RMB/Month/Mbit/s
500-1000 Mbit/s 52.2 RMB/Month/Mbit/s

Assume that you create a peering connection between VPCs in Beijing and Shanghai with a bandwidth of 45 Mbit/s. The monthly fee is calculated as follows: 10 x 480 + 10 x 240 + (45 - 10 - 10) x 180 = RMB 11,700.

Note: If you need to create peering connections with other configurations, contact Kingsoft Cloud customer service.

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