Last updated:2020-11-03 17:47:49

1. Can I create a peering connection between two VPCs with overlapping CIDR blocks?

No. The CIDR blocks of peer VPCs cannot overlap.

2. If I create a peering connection between VPCs A and B and another one between VPCs B and C, does it mean that a peering connection is created between VPCs A and C?

No. Peering connectivity is nontransferable.

3. Is a bandwidth limit set for a peering connection?

You can specify the bandwidth when you create a peering connection between VPCs across regions. After the peering connection is created, you can adjust the bandwidth based on your business needs. When you create a peering connection between VPCs in the same region, the bandwidth is free of charge and is not limited.

4. If I delete the peering connection from my local VPC, can the peer VPC access my VPC?

No. The peering connection is disconnected when it is disabled at either end.

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