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Delete a peering connection

Last updated:2022-11-15 17:00:53

  1. Log in to the Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) console and go to the Route page. Select the VPC to which the peering connection that you want to delete belongs, and delete the route whose Type is Peering. Perform this operation for both VPCs of the peering connection.

  2. Log in to the Peering console. Select the VPC from the Network drop-down list and select the corresponding region. Existing peering connections are displayed in the peering connection list. Select the peering connection that you want to delete, and click Delete in the Operation column or click Delete above the list.

  3. Verify that the peering connection is deleted when the message "Deleted successfully." appears.


Note: When a peering connection is deleted, routes of the peering connection are automatically deleted from the route tables.

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