Create a cross-account peering connection

Last updated:2020-11-03 19:25:25

###Create a cross-account peering connection

  1. Log in to the Peering console.

  2. Click Create Peering.

  3. Set required parameters as prompted. Peer Account must be set to Other Account.

  • Note: For details about how to obtain the account ID and VPC ID, see the descriptions below.
  1. Confirm the order information and click OK. You can use the peering connection free of charge if the accounts are created in the same region. However, you are charged if the accounts are created in different regions.

  2. Verify that the cross-account peering connection is created when the message “Created successfully.” appears.

  3. Go back to the Peering console. The created cross-account peering connection is displayed in the peering list, and its status is Applying.

  4. Switch to the peer account and click Accept in the Operation column in the peering list to accept the peering connection.

  5. Click Accept in the Accept Peering dialog box that appears.

  6. Verify that the peering connection is accepted in the peer account when the message “Accepted successfully.” appears.

  7. Switch back to the account that initiates the peering connection. Verify that the status of the peering connection changes to Connected, which indicates that the peering connection is established.


Obtain the account ID

  1. Move the cursor to the account name in the upper-right corner in the console, and obtain the account ID in Alias in the drop-down menu.

Obtain the VPC ID

  1. In the VPC console, select the VPC from which you want to obtain the ID.

  2. Obtain the VPC ID on the Details tab page that appears.

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