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Privilege configuration considerations

Last updated:2020-05-08 23:05:59

For the purpose of calling and accessing KMR, please ensure that there is at least of one key pair under your account. You need to create at least one AccessKey by following the steps:
(1) Log on to Kingsoft Cloud website
(2) Click on the console in upper right corner
(3) In the console interface, point the mouse to the user identity in upper right corner and select access keys.
(4) In AK key management page, click “Create Key”:\#/set/keyManage
Notes: If the above prompt appears, click “Continue”.
1)Please contact your business manager to activate KS3 privilege and associate the privilege purchase template.
2)When the user purchases or expands the KMR service that is based on Instant Hourly Settlement mode, the user must ensure that at least 100 Yuan in cash in Kingsoft Cloud account. Therefore, when you purchase or expand the KMR cluster that is based on Instant Hourly Settlement mode, please ensure that your account has been recharged by at least 100 Yuan. Please recharge your account at:!/account/charge

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