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Last updated:2020-05-08 20:45:36

Quick deployment and hosting free of the operation and maintenance

The deployment of traditional Hadoop platform usually requires a series of complicated tasks such as the business evaluation, model selection and procurement, hardware installation and debugging, operating system and platform software installation and debugging, etc. It will take 1-3 months to complete these tasks. KMR uses Kingsoft Cloud Elastic Compute (KEC) to build the cluster. In general, it takes a few minutes to complete the deployment automatically, and you need only to focus on the data processing task itself, but not the operation and maintenance of the hardware and the underlying system.

Elastic scalability and on-demand billing

Unlike traditional business system, it is difficult to plan the capacity accurately for the data analysis system, and different types of resources are used for different tasks. KMR provides multiple node configurations, and nodes can be increased or decreased flexibly. The cluster is billed in minute to reduce your usage cost and respond to changing business needs easily.

Deep integration of cloud service products

Kingsoft Cloud Platform provides a variety of cloud service products. KMR can be integrated with these service products to create an end-to-end data analysis and processing solution. Deep integration of KMR and KS3 allows you to collect and manage the data more flexibly and conveniently, reduces your cost and achieve higher data reliability.

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