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Cluster details

Last updated:2020-05-08 22:58:50

Cluster Details page shows basic information of the cluster, and you can change some cluster configurations.
Cluster Details: view details of a single cluster and change the cluster configuration.
Cluster Release Protection: the release protection function guarantees that the cluster will not be destroyed due to accidental errors. You can click the hyperlink to change the status.
By clicking on this button, the Release Cluster dialog box will pop up. Releasing the cluster will delete the data stored on all cluster nodes and HDFS and running jobs, and they cannot be recovered. The data stored on KS3 will be retained, so please proceed with caution. Before the cluster is released, please make sure that “Cluster Release Protection” option is disabled.
Node Configuration: this lists the hardware configuration information of the cluster nodes. Click "Expand" hyperlink to view more information such as the node ID, status and IP address.
Bind SSH Key: click this button to bind SSH key to the cluster. Please refer to 3.4.1 Add SSH Key to the Cluster.

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