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KSC265 transcoding

Backed by the KSC265 codec technology developed by Kingsoft Cloud, Kingsoft Cloud Media Cloud Transcoder (KMCT) can greatly improve image quality without increasing the bitrate and bandwidth, creating better watching experience for users. KMCT can reduce the bitrate and bandwidth by 30% to 50% while maintaining the same level of image quality, reducing costs.

Auto scaling

Based on the powerful scalable cloud system, KMCT supports transcoding on demand, ridding you of the high costs of deploying hardware to meet capacity variations.

Easy integration

KMCT comes with user-friendly help documentation, comprehensive server-side API, and powerful transcoding SDKs, enabling you to use KMCT with ease.

All-in-one service

KMCT provides rich video transcoding and value-added features and supports flow tasks. With KMCT, you can perform various operations such as transcoding, screenshot capture, watermarking, editing, and pornographic content recognition on massive amounts of files.

Highly customizable

With the experience of customizing transcoding services for dozens of customers, KMCT can satisfy various customization requirements and is readily available.

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