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Video transcoding

Video transcoding refers to the process of converting a compressed and encoded video stream into another video stream to adapt to different network bandwidths, terminal processing capabilities, and user needs. Transcoding is essentially a decoding and then encoding process. Streams before and after transcoding may use the same or different video encoding standards.


Kingsoft Cloud Standard Storage Service (KS3) is an object storage service provided by Kingsoft Cloud. The input and output files of VoD transcoding and live recording files are all stored in KS3.


A region is a service node of Kingsoft Cloud. You can select nearby regions to access Kingsoft Cloud services to enjoy lower latency and better experience.


A preset is a template of transcoding parameters. A transcoding task is executed according to the parameters specified in the preset. Presets include pre-defined presets and custom presets.

Flow task

In a transcoding flow task, KMCT applies a series of custom processing procedures on one or more input files in sequence to obtain one or more output files. Then, KMCT returns the output files all at once.

Origin server

An origin server is a business server of the customer.

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