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Last updated:2020-10-22 10:56:14

Security analysis and troubleshooting

After you register a Kingsoft Cloud account, you can use the account to log in to the Kingsoft Cloud ActionTrail console or call the ActionTrail API to monitor operation events. With ActionTrail, you can capture a comprehensive history of changes made in your Kingsoft Cloud account in a specified period of time to detect and solve security and operational issues.

Simplified compliance auditing

ActionTrail helps you record operations performed in your Kingsoft Cloud account and store them as event logs to simplify the compliance auditing process. ActionTrail can also facilitate log search, recognize non-compliance events, accelerate incident investigations, and shorten the time to respond to auditors' requests.

Visibility into user and resource activities

ActionTrail clearly records operation context. With the context information, you can identify, for example, the operator, time, source IP address, object, method (through the API or in the console), result (successful or failed), and failure cause of an operation. All the context information is recorded in detail.

Quick push

ActionTrail collects, processes, and transmits event logs through high-availability data processing channels. In most cases, an event log is processed in 10 minutes after an operation is performed.

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