What is ActionTrail?

Last updated:2020-10-22 10:56:08

Kingsoft Cloud ActionTrail records operations that are performed on the resources of your Kingsoft Cloud account and allows you to query the operation records. You can use the operation records generated by ActionTrail to perform security analysis, resource change tracing, and compliance auditing.

ActionTrail collects API call records of cloud services, including API calls that are triggered by operations performed in the console, standardizes the records, and then stores the records as event logs. After the event logs are pushed to a storage service, you can use the rich management features of the storage service to manage the event logs. For example, you can authorize access to the event logs; manage the lifecycle of the event logs; archive, query, and analyze the event logs; and generate alarms based on the event logs.

In most cases, after you call an API operation in the Kingsoft Cloud console or by using an SDK, ActionTrail sends event logs to the specified storage service in 10 minutes. You can view event logs of the last 30 days in the ActionTrail console or by calling an API operation. Event logs can also be pushed to a Kingsoft Cloud storage service. This way, you can store the event logs for a longer period of time and use richer data analysis features to process the event logs.

ActionTrail is free of charge, but you must pay for storage services.

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