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Billing modes

Last updated:2021-05-26 16:59:37


EIP supports the Subscription billing mode.

The Subscription billing mode of EIP has the following features:

  • When the Subscription billing mode is used, you must pay the fees of the EIPs before you can use them.
  • During the validity period of the contract, the configuration of EIPs can only be upgraded and cannot be downgraded.


EIP supports the Pay-As-You-Go billing mode. You can create or release EIPs at any time. EIP charges you a fee based on the actual use period.

The Pay-As-You-Go billing mode of EIP has the following features:

  • Pay-As-You-Go EIPs can be released at any time. After an EIP is released, the bill for the current hour will be issued and settled in the next hour.
  • In the Pay-As-You-Go billing mode, no fee needs to be paid in advance. Instead, settlements are made once every hour on the hour based on the actual use period. Billing for an EIP starts at the time point when the EIP is created and ends at the time point when you initiate the operation to release the EIP.
  • If an EIP is used for a very short period of time in the current billing cycle or the unit price is very low and the bill amount is less than CNY 0.01, a fee of CNY 0.01 will be charged.
  • When your account balance, including the available balance and reward balance, is less than CNY 100, you cannot purchase Pay-As-You-Go products.

Pay-As-You-Go (By Traffic)

EIP supports the Pay-As-You-Go (By Traffic) billing mode. In this mode, fees for each EIP include the IP configuration fee and traffic fee. The IP configuration fee is charged by second, and the traffic fee is billed and charged on a daily basis.

IP configuration fee and traffic fee are calculated in the following way:

  • IP configuration fee = Unit price of IP configuration × Use period
  • Traffic fee = Unit price of traffic × Consumed traffic


  • If an EIP is bound to Kingsoft Cloud computing resources such as KEC instances or EPC instances, the IP configuration fee is not charged. To calculate the IP configuration fee per second, divide the hourly price by 3600.
  • The consumed traffic of an EIP is the cumulative outbound traffic of the EIP.
  • In the Pay-As-You-Go (By Traffic) billing mode, the bandwidth is limited to 200 Mbit/s for each EIP.
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