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What is Bandwidth Share?

Last updated:2022-01-06 17:00:29

Bandwidth Share (BWS) is a Kingsoft Cloud service that allows multiple elastic IP addresses (EIPs) to share bandwidth. BWS allows you to flexibly adjust bandwidth and helps you save bandwidth cost.

Composition of a BWS instance

Unlike the traditional way where a bandwidth plan is paired with one EIP, a BWS instance is composed of a specified amount of public bandwidth and several EIPs that share the bandwidth. With BWS, bandwidth can be used flexibly and your cost can be reduced.


All EIPs associated with a BWS instance must share the same line type and region as the BWS instance. Only EIPs billed in pay-as-you-go mode can join a BWS instance. You can associate up to 45 EIPs with one BWS instance. BWS does not support IPv6 addresses.

Usage notes

The maximum bandwidth available to an EIP associated with a BWS instance is the same as the maximum bandwidth of the BWS instance. At any time, the total bandwidth of all EIPs associated with a BWS instance cannot exceed the maximum bandwidth of the BWS instance. If the maximum bandwidth is reached, the EIPs compete for resources.


An EIP associated with a BWS instance is no longer billed separately for bandwidth. Its bandwidth cost is included in the bill of the BWS instance. An additional occupancy charge of CNY 1 per EIP per day is also added to the bill. After you remove an EIP from a BWS instance, the EIP is billed separately for bandwidth based on its billing mode. Exercise caution when you remove an EIP from a BWS instance.

Real-time monitoring

Kingsoft Cloud provides the feature of collecting and displaying BWS-related data. This feature is enabled for all Kingsoft Cloud users by default. When you use BWS, the feature collects related data for you. You can view the statistics about BWS and check whether your systems are operating normally.

The following table describes the metrics for BWS.

Metric Description Unit The inbound traffic of BWS. bit/s
bws.bps.out The outbound traffic of BWS. bit/s The number of packets received per second by BWS. Count
bws.pps.out The number of packets sent per second by BWS. Count
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