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Cloud monitoring

Last updated:2021-05-26 16:59:37

Kingsoft Cloud Monitor Service (CMS) can collect and display data about the EIP service. By default, Kingsoft Cloud provides cloud monitoring functions for all users and does not require you to enable it manually. When you use the EIP service, CMS can help you collect relevant monitoring data. With CMS, you can view the statistics of EIPs to check whether the system is operating normally. For more information about CMS, see CMS documentation.

The monitoring metrics of EIP are as follows.

Metric Description Unit Inbound traffic bits per second (bps)
eip.bps.out Outbound traffic bps Inbound packets packets per second (pps)
eip.pps.out Outbound packets pps Inbound bandwidth usage %
eip.utilization.out Outbound bandwidth usage %
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