Manage CMKs

Last updated:2020-11-20 17:19:57

Manage CMKs

View the ID of a CMK

Log in to the Kingsoft Cloud Key Management Service (KKMS) console. Move the pointer over a customer master key (CMK) and click the ID icon that appears to view the ID of the CMK. The ID is the unique identifier of the CMK.

Enable or disable one or more CMKs

Enable or disable a single CMK

To enable or disable a CMK, find the CMK and click Enable or Disable in the Operation column.

Enable or disable multiple CMKs

To enable or disable multiple CMKs, select the CMKs and click Enable or Disable above the list. In the dialog box that appears, click OK.

Note: The CMKs that you have selected with a mismatching state are filtered out in the dialog box that appears after you click Enable or Disable. Only the CMKs that support the current operation are displayed.

If you disable a CMK, all the encryption and decryption operations that rely on the CMK are disabled. Before you disable a CMK, make sure that the CMK is no longer needed for your business.

Modify the name and remarks of a CMK

Log in to the KKMS console. Move the pointer over a CMK and click the Edit icon that appears to modify the Key Name and Remarks parameters of the CMK. Note that the name of the CMK must be unique.

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