Features and benefits

Last updated:2021-11-04 17:18:57

Product features

  • Intelligent crawling
    KSI fully supports Web 2.0 and can perfectly parse dynamic pages.
  • Website fingerprint recognition
    KSI can identify hundreds of types of fingerprints relating to web servers, applications, development frameworks, and languages.
  • Scanning of common web vulnerabilities
    KSI can detect various vulnerabilities listed by OWASP and in CNNVD. Kingsoft Cloud security experts synchronize detection rules on the cloud.
  • Server vulnerability detection
    KSI can detect various common low-risk to high-risk server vulnerabilities such as information leaks, anonymous access, broken access control, and buffer overflows.
  • Detection of third-party application vulnerabilities
    KSI can rapidly identify the programs used for website building to detect third-party application vulnerabilities and generate alerts.
  • Port detection
    KSI detects high-risk port services over targeted websites.

Product benefits

  • Complete approaches
    KSI can detect various vulnerabilities listed by OWASP and in CNNVD by using thousands of detection approaches. The detection rules can be synchronized and upgraded on the cloud.
  • Dynamic crawling
    KSI provides the intelligent crawling feature to fully support crawling of dynamic pages.
  • Comprehensive PoC verification
    KSI can detect thousands of types of vulnerabilities and identify over 99% of high-risk vulnerabilities based on PoC.
  • High concurrency
    KSI supports millions of concurrent scans and can adjust the number of scan tasks based on business development to adapt to the scale of user websites.
  • Zero deployment cost
    KSI is free from deployment and can be started with a few clicks. You do not need to change the existing network architecture.
  • API support
    The KSI API can be seamlessly integrated into your development processes.

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