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Last updated:2020-12-28 14:51:02

You can create a KES cluster by selecting one of the following models: Elastic Block Storage (EBS), Local SSD, and Elastic Physical Compute (EPC).

When you purchase a KES cluster, the system automatically purchases and creates KEC instances, EPC instances, and EBS volumes or KEC instances with local high-performance SSDs based on the cluster configurations that you specify. These instances or volumes are purchased in the same billing mode as that of the KES cluster. You do not need to prepare them in advance.

You can purchase EIPs to enable Internet access. When you create a KES cluster, you can create an EIP that uses Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) and provides a bandwidth of 1 Mbit/s. You are charged for the EIP accordingly.

If your account enjoys discounts for the KEC, EBS, EPC, and EIP services, the discounts are automatically applied when you create a KES cluster.

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